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The CANON PIXMA TS9520 Wireless Setup can be used to print or scan wirelessly by setting up the printer in a wireless network.The wireless setup for the CANON PIXMA TS9520 printer can be achieved by the Easy Wireless Connect method.The Easy Wireless Connect method with a Windows computer is achieved by following the steps below, which consists of two parts.The initial part is to start the Easy Wireless Connect on the printer, and the latter part is to download and run the setup file on the computer.

Steps to start Easy Wireless Connect on the printer

  • Before initiating the setup, make sure the printer is turned ON.
  • If the printer is already turned on and is performing any task, wait for the printer to finish it.
  • Once the printer is free from any pending task, you can start the setup process from the display panel of the CANON PIXMA TS9520 Wireless Setup Printer.
  • Tap the home icon on the left side of the display.
  • On the next display, select the Network icon and proceed with the options as follows.
  • Tap on LAN Settings Wireless LAN Wireless LAN setup Easy Wireless Connect.
  • Now the display will prompt ‘Setting will be made on a computer or smartphone, etc. OK?’. Tap ‘Yes’ for this prompt, and this will complete the Easy Connect Wireless setup on the CANON PIXMA TS9520 printer.
  • The next part of this wireless setup is to be done on the Windows computer.
Easy Wireless Connect on the printer
Download and Run the Setup File

Download and Run the setup file

  • Once the Easy Wireless Connect is set up on the CANON PIXMA TS9520Wireless Setup printer, the required drivers/software must be installed on the computer.
  • The setup file can be downloaded from the official website by selecting the printer model followed by clicking Download.
  • Once the setup file download is finished, click the Run button to initiate the setup.

Follow the on-screen instructions, as mentioned below, to complete the wireless connection setup.

  • Select Start Setup in the window, and in the next window, select your country or place of residence from the available list and click Next.
  • Click Yes after reading the End User License Agreement. In case if you select No for the license agreement, the setup will be canceled.
  • The next window will prompt you to a survey. You can select either Agree or Do Not Agree as this won’t affect the setup process.
  • In the Firewall Settings window, click Next and then click Yes in the Connection Method window.
  • The next step of the setup will list you the available wireless routers, and you can select your wireless router’s name or network SSID, which is to be connected wirelessly with the printer. Also, enter the network key for the wireless router and click Next.
  • Once the connection is set up, click Next and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.
  • Finally, click Exit in the Installation Complete window.
  • Above the steps, we can connect the Canon Pixma Ts9520 Wireless Setup on the computer.